Tru Thoughts

21 Jun, 2014

The right place for those who favour groove and beat, over a guitar riff. Good old funk and soul shake hands here with dance pieces straight from the DJ’s suitcase.


If they hadn’t of existed, we may never of discovered the talents of the following artists:

The Bamboos, Belleruche, Quantic, Spanky Wilson, Nostalgia 77, Sara Mitra, Beta Hector, Lossy, The Broken Keys, Lizzy Parks…

…and many more. Thanks!


About the author


I have always liked to discover new and also forgotten sounds and enthusiastically share it with anyone who was willing to listen to my passion, without any genre prejudices. Writing a blog about music is my way of paying back some of the energy I‘ve received from music over the years.

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  1. Zebra
    June 24, 2014

    Moje obľúbené vydavateľstvo z čias keď som si fičal na Quantic Soul Orchestra, Bonobo, Alice Russell, Lost Midas
    Various ‎– Tru Thoughts / Zebra Traffic Sampler =)

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