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What could be once seen on the TV screen thanks to MTV in the early 90’s heyday, caused a little cultural revolution for many. The videos and bands that were in daily rotation in those early years (which current music critics would label as “alternative”) would now not be shown on music channels before 22:00.

However, also a lot of recent artists would probably not have had their videos aired on popular music channels and therefore would of remained hidden to the majority of the audience. Fortunately, there are other possibilities now and music stations are not the only choice anymore. A lot of those great forgotten or underrated videos and bands can be found on the web.

More and more bands and songwriters are using the internet also as the easiest way to share their music. Music is available either free of charge or for the price of your choice. “Do you like it? Download it! And if you like it a lot, you can pay some money and support further creativity.”

Not only bands but also music labels are putting some samples of their releases on their web sites! It’s useful to know which labels are releasing tracks from your favourite bands – you can also find lots of great similar artists. All the songs in the playlist originate from the official web sites of my favourite record labels or bands.

So watch, listen and discover, and if you like what you hear, support it. Go and see their gigs, buy their record or a t-shirt. Or at least spread the word about your favourites!


  1. March 04, 2013

    Hi, we just completed recording a new record, love your blog and thought this might be something you might like.

    We played, recorded and toured with the outfit, Varsity Drag, with former and current Lemonhead Ben Deily. This is our second recording as Propeller and would love to hear your feedback. Below is current review to let you know what you are getting yourself into. All the downloads are free as we do not write for money. Cheers and thanks for taking a listen and supporting local music,

    “The recipe for a Propeller record is simple: Combine crunchy guitars. verses as hooky as choruses and rollicking rhythms that would frighten most metronomes. Then, mix and serve, loud. With their second album, “Don’t Be Sorry Again,” Propeller have created an 11-track album that’s stuffed full of the sounds, vibe, and songs that anyone who’s a fan of The Replacements, Sugar, Lemonheads, Dinosaur Jr. or Teenage Fanclub will dig. But it’s no mere homage. “Don’t Be Sorry Again” filters those influences through Greg Randall and Will Anderson’s own sensibilities to deliver tasty morsels of powerful pop. On tracks like “Gone Too Far” and “Calling Out For You” Propeller serves up three-minute chunks of ear candy that you won’t hate yourself for loving.”


    • Rasto
      March 04, 2013

      Hi Will,

      thanks for the link. We’ll give it a listen for sure. If it affects us enough to be able to write anything about it, we will do. I can not promise it though. This blog is made out of pure passion for music and we write about stuff we are excited about. Thanks for letting us know about your band and I wish you luck with your record.


  2. August 20, 2014

    Hey Rasto! We were checking out your blog and you cover a lot of unique music with a lot of tags that could fit with our sound as well. We just released this video today, hope you dig! (video at http://www.lespecial.net)
    -lespecial :|!

    • Rasto
      August 22, 2014

      Hi, thanks a lot for checking our site and sharing your music with us. We’ll check it for sure. Cheers!


  3. July 26, 2015

    We are a Rock/Soul group based out of Indianapolis, IN. Our sound has been compared to a crossover between Michael Jackson and The Killers. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to our music!




    Thanks Again!

  4. April 07, 2017

    Hi, Have just been checking out your blog and we I think its great what you are doing. I have a song that I hope you might listen to and give us some feedback. It is a sort of jazz / punk / funk. I’ll leave that to you, call it what you want. Most of the instruments are played / written by myself but I do work with other musicians on the records too;)

    Many thanks Karl



  5. November 26, 2017

    Hi, This is Jake R. Archibald. i go to Bison High School in South Dakota. I’m doing a research essay about the Top Five Alt. Rock songs of the year 2000. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind checking out my essay and consider publishing it. i’m not sure in the link i put on works. if not, i can try to resend it . Thank You for your time.

    • Rasto
      December 06, 2017

      Hi Jake,

      thanks a lot for your message. I indeed wouldn’t mind to check your essay, however I was not able to open it from the sharepoint location you sent. Please drop me the article to music.alternator@gmail.com, I always welcome any good read about alternative music. Cheers.


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