Mogwai – Summer

22 Oct, 2013

Album: Ten Rapid (1997), Jetset Records

One of the milestones which boldly influenced my perception of music. Brooding, powerful and a almost physical stream of sound hit me totally by surprise. But, when I recovered from that experience, I was utterly excited and happy. If the Scottish summer is at least half as stunning as this track, I’ve already chose my vacation.



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I have always liked to discover new and also forgotten sounds and enthusiastically share it with anyone who was willing to listen to my passion, without any genre prejudices. Writing a blog about music is my way of paying back some of the energy I‘ve received from music over the years.

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  1. February 06, 2014

    Jj tak veru. Mogwai bol vzdy luxusny rambajz. Ako oni vedia rozbehnut riff a cely song z temer nicoho je vynimocne a ojedinele.

    • Rasto
      February 06, 2014

      Prekvapuje ma, ze este stale dokazu nahravat dobre platne, aj po tych rokoch a v zanri, ktory cloveka pomerne rychlo omrzi, pokial kapela nie je naozaj vynimocna. Ako posledny som od nich pocul “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will” z 2011 a stale to vedia.

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