Eric’s Trip – Girlfriend

18 Jul, 2012

Album: Forever Again (1994), Sub Pop

If punks can get lost in dreams, then dreamers are also able to rebel. It is clear to them that a good song is a good song even if it sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom on a tape recorder bought from a garage sale. They would shoot video with a pocket money given to them from grandma, but with grace, they might even save some nickels for a beer. No wonder the people at Sub Pop, fell to the floor in amazement.



[-]  [+]  Lyrics:

Follow me, going into the woods
From the staircase alone over where.
A spirit appears from under a rock
And my girlfriend already was there.

She walked close behind and started to smoke
As I slithered along in the dark.
And the trees grew up high in the night in the sky
As she wondered how far back she parked.

Rested her legs from all sides around
And she lost sight of me in her heart.
Back up I ran through the tall woods at night
Far away she heard her car start.




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I have always liked to discover new and also forgotten sounds and enthusiastically share it with anyone who was willing to listen to my passion, without any genre prejudices. Writing a blog about music is my way of paying back some of the energy I‘ve received from music over the years.

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  1. July 19, 2012

    Dosť som sa obával, čo to bude za vec ten Erikov výlet, ale musím uznať, že to má svoje čaro a páči sa mi to. Čakal som proste dáku vajcovinu s ustreleným deklom.

  2. August 01, 2012

    No to snáď nie, vajcovinu s ustreleným deklom? Také niečo sme tu hádam ešte nemali, či hej? 😉 Najvyšší čas nejakú zaradiť!

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