American Music Club – Rise

23 Aug, 2014

Album: Everclear (1991), Alias Records

Things are not always what they seem. A first impression might be misleading and you find out that the reality is different from what you expected. This anthemic single enticed me into the troubled, poetic and intimate world of Mark Eitzel, in which no other song sounds like “Rise“. But I do not feel cheated. I got much more than I hoped for.



[-]  [+]  Lyrics:

The things you love don’t give us too much hope
When you’ve lost your appetite and you’re sick and tired
Maybe what you need is some food for your eyes
To make them rise

Don’t tell me how to tell the truth
You’re like a store that only sells guns and knives
Tell me how to make something beautiful
Flash before your eyes

Let them make you rise (6x)

It only costs a buck for three tries
Though money never buys enough of anything
And I’m a moving target trying to shake some lead
From your eyes

Let them make you rise (10x)


Songwriters: Mark Eitzel


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I have always liked to discover new and also forgotten sounds and enthusiastically share it with anyone who was willing to listen to my passion, without any genre prejudices. Writing a blog about music is my way of paying back some of the energy I‘ve received from music over the years.

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